The $35B opportunities knocking on the door of AI System Integrators

With AI and ML advancements, industrial enterprises can make their machines smarter, and predict maintenance schedules.
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The $35B opportunities knocking on the door of AI System Integrators

AI is gaining strong footholds amongst industrial firms as they look to improve their efficiencies and curtail operational costs.  With AI and ML advancements, industrial enterprises can make their machines smarter, predict maintenance schedules, minimize downtime and let the devices identify faults, and even rectify them automatically. However, according to Gartner's recent survey, only 4% of chief information officers globally have implemented AI, while 46% are planning it. The survey states that one of the key barriers that are slowing adoption is their limited skills.

Enabling enterprises through effective collaboration

Let's consider some facts to understand the current situation better: According to the World Economic Forum, since 2016, $2T has been spent on Industry 4.0 investments. This, according to another research by IDC, has resulted in industrial companies generating a treasured trove of operational intelligence that will grow by 2-3x by 2025. However, only 1% of this data is being used for decision-making, according to EMC estimates.

System integrators play a pivotal role in enabling AI deployments and guiding enterprises in realizing their AI aspirations. And the demand is there. According to a study by ABI Research, IoT system integration and consulting revenues reached $17B in 2017 and are likely to surpass by $35.7B by 2022. Savvy IIoT system integrators are uniquely placed to identify AI business cases and overcome any stumbling blocks because they have industrial and data expertise to bridge an enterprise’s internal capability gap.

Calibr8 Systems is an example of a system integrator leading the charge by helping industrials in the energy sector accelerate their digitalization journey.

"We caught the wave of the need to acquire data. And with our partnership with OSIsoft, we are now monitoring about 65% of the Philippines' total energy output. What makes us unique is that we expanded our portfolio by reselling and supporting the PI System, but we have also built and designed our sensors and APIs. Since we have the data in the PI System – the natural progression of what to do with it was to partner with Canvass AI," commented David Lim, CEO of Calibr8 Systems.

By collaborating with leading solution providers, system integrators can gauge the industry requirements and develop innovative AI-based tools and technologies to help industrial companies leapfrog in process automation, help bring tremendous value in the complex setups.

"We have all the data and tags and are experts in AF analytics. We provide data visibility with notifications, alerts, and even early warning systems via rate of change algorithms. Customers love it, and they are asking for more, such as forecasting and predictions. With Canvass, we have now unlocked a new set of opportunities to do a lot more with the data. Data has now become a critical aspect of our customers' operations that they want more and more," Lim adds.

Upskilling and strong collaboration

One of the critical areas for system integrators is to focus on upskilling their technology and implementation skills. The Canvass partner program is a winning step in that direction. It offers system integrators self-paced learning and lab training, focused workshops to enhance skillsets through focused workshops, culminating to achieving Canvass Academy AL/ML certification.

The program also comprises partner toolkits and allows system integrators to collaborate with our specialized teams for joint initiatives, sales and marketing campaigns, and product review sessions.

"Canvass as a platform has added enormous potential to our capabilities. Our team of analysts has now become data scientists with the help of Canvass," said Lim.

Want to know more about how to become a Canvass system integrator partner?

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