Canvass AI Academy​

A complete resource for learning the fundamentals of Industrial AI and best practices for using Canvass AI to achieve your goals

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Access engineer-targeted courses covering all stages of the Industrial AI workflow
AI Fundamentals
3 lessons
Use Case Identification
1 lesson
Data Requirements
2 lessons
Data Exploration
4 lessons
Data Preparation
4 lessons
Model Training
2 lessons
Model Evaluation
4 lessons
Model Improvement
3 lessons
Model Validation
1 lesson
Model Deployment
3 lessons
Discover the unique advantages of Canvass AI Academy
Real World Examples
Learn from real-world use cases of Canvass AI in industry
Reinforce your learning with interactive content
Solution - Focused
Dial in on specific industry problems, like Quality Prediction and Mass Balance
Certificate Program
Show off your knowledge with downloadable certificates
Feature - Specific Content
Get detailed guidance in using all features in Canvass AI