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About Canvass AI

Canvass AI is at the forefront of enabling industrial companies to transform their operations using AI.

About Canvass AI

Transforming the Industrial Sector By Empowering the Workforce with AI

At Canvass, our mission is to make AI easy-to-use so that the industrial sector can accelerate their transformation into a profitable and environmentally sustainable industry.  This starts with empowering industrial workforces to leverage data themselves – not data scientists or 3rd parties.  

“Enabling operational agility with a digitally connected workforce provides a competitive advantage and is now more critical than ever. Canvass AI empowers industrial workforces with AI so they can be key participants in their industrial transformation”- Matthew Littlefield, Principal Analyst at LNS Research.

Canvass AI puts the power of AI in the hands of engineers. We’ve simplified the process for industrial engineers to build, deploy and scale AI across their operations – so that they can augment their expertise with data-driven insights.  

Today, the world’s largest industrial companies are using Canvass to optimize processes, reduce waste, and cut their CO2 emissions.

Funded by Yamaha Motor Ventures and Alphabet’s Gradient Ventures, Canvass’s customers include leading companies across the automotive, chemicals, energy, food and beverage, and metals and mining sectors globally.  

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