Soft Sensor

Optimize product quality, maximize production, and meet sustainability targets by accurately estimating the measurements that matter most.

How the Solution works

Maximize safety, productivity, sustainability, and asset utilization by accurately estimating variable measurements when sensors are absent or unreliable with Canvass AI’s Soft Sensor Solution.
Accurately Estimate Measurements
Empower process engineers, operators, and control engineers with accurate measurement estimates of target conditions, quality, flow, or other variables when reliable sensor data is unavailable. Maximize production even with inadequate data.
Augment Operator Expertise
Augment operator decision making with accurate variable measurements that empowers them to optimize product quality, production, and sustainability. Improve timely decision making with early and accurate value estimates.
Closed-Loop Control
Integrate predicted variables into business systems for reporting or as DCS setpoints for closed loop control. Proactively manage the plant for maximum productivity and safety.

Proactively Manage the Plant using Lean Data with Canvass AI

Patented Industrial AI
Process all relevant plant data to capture the dynamic nature of the process industries’ complex environments to maximize productivity.
Prescriptive Insights
Accurately predict measurements to proactively manage plant operations.
Monitor Process Measurements
Complete operating data by filling missing data and correct noisy measurements to support data-informed decisions and better process understanding.
Zero False Alarm Accuracy
High frequency data processing ensures real-time high accuracy predictions.
Identify Precursor Data Patterns
Detect deviations early that may impact production.
Intuitive User Experience
Built for engineers and operators to solve day-to-day problems efficiently and in a timely manner.

Canvass AI 

Soft Sensor

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