Accelerating Industrial Net Zero with AI
March 17 

AI-based Predictive Analytics for Industrial IoT

Canvass AI is disrupting the way industrial operational data is being used to make critical business decisions.


The Canvass AI Platform helps transform plant operations, delivering predictive insights that empowers decision-making based on operational data rather than intuition or gut-feeling. 

The Canvass AI Platform ingests millions of operational data points and provides real-time actionable insights--a monumental leap for plant operations teams.

Canvass empowers manufacturers to overcome this challenge by providing a no-code platform that puts the benefits of AI-powered data analysis in the hands of operators by simplifying the process of building, training, and scaling applied industrial AI in their day-to-day operations. 

Canvass AI helps plant operations get more insights, more quickly and easily, driving powerful improvements in production processes, maintenance and energy management programs.

Improve Production Quality

  • Maximize output

  • Optimize process reliability

  • Reduce defects

  • Minimize production downtime

AI for Industry

Canvass AI is delivering AI-based predictive insights to a variety of industries, helping them transform the way operational data is used to reduce operational costs, produce better quality products and improve margins.

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