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Industrial AI platform that empowers engineers with simplified problem solving for faster decision making.

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Energy Optimization Achieved


Reduction in Asset


Saving Via Process Optimization


Pounds of GHG Emission Saved Per Year


Saving from Predictive Asset Management
in asset
Via Process
Pounds of
GHG Emissions
Saved Per Year
Savings from
predictive asset Management

Address Immediate Day-to-Day Problems

Select from Canvass AI’s library of pre-built solutions to drive immediate value with AI.

Solve Complex Challenges

Evolve your application of AI across more advanced problems.

AI-empowered Organization

Empower your data-enabled workforce to scale AI across the organization and achieve your performance targets.

One AI Platform, Endless Possibilities

Production Optimization
Sustainable Operations
Operational Efficiency
Asset and System
Knowledge Capture
Safety Performance

Empower Engineers and Operators to Achieve Your Performance Goals Faster

Canvass AI simplifies the process of transforming data into insights so industrial engineers and operators can make the necessary decisions that maximize the profitability, health, and resilience of your operations.
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Industrial AI Built for Faster Data-Focused Decision Making

The Canvass AI platform’s pre-built modular AI solutions empower industrial engineers and operators to take control of their data for faster and proactive decision making. With Canvass AI, engineers and operators can save 10-30% of their time by leveraging data driven insights.
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Field-Proven Industrial AI That Scales with You

Canvass AI’s solutions ensure that every team can address their immediate problems today. The embedded AI continuously captures data and users’ experiential knowledge to improve decisions and scale to other assets. The modular solutions provide a proven adoption path that enables them to adopt, succeed, and scale AI from one asset to across the facility.
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Solving Today’s Problems with Industrial AI Built for Tomorrow’s Challenges

By making it easier to extract value from data, Canvass AI empowers process engineers to gain a deeper understanding of the historical, current, and future state of their processes. Canvass AI simplifies problem solving so engineers are empowered with faster and effective decision making to support complex troubleshooting, address day-to-day opportunities, and solve today and tomorrow’s complex challenges.
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Customer Stories

“We addressed a complex challenge we’ve been working on for over a decade in just 6 months using Canvass AI.  Now we’re recognizing $20M+ a year in savings.”

“We started small by focusing on burner management for our boilers as we knew fuel gas optimization represented a significant savings for us.  The next step is to start layering in complexity to fully optimize the entire steam system.  Thanks to Canvass AI, a solution is in place that can grow over time continuing to add value with each step.”

“We started using Canvass AI to monitor a single compressor.  We quickly gained confidence and now have over 250 assets using the predictions to manage asset care.”

“We closed the loop on quality management using Canvass.  Canvass AI is monitoring quality during production, allowing for real-time adjustments vs having to wait for lengthy lab analysis.  Now the lab data is just used as a final verification.”

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