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Canvass AI has developed a partner eco-system for every stage of your AI Journey. We want to see you succeed and so do our growing network of partners. Canvass has crafted a unique Partner Program to see our partners and customers drive the most value from their Digital Investments.

We are enabling leading system integrators, industrial automation vendors, and vertical market application developers with an industry leading AI platform.  A strong partner ecosystem is critical to address the requirements for data access, prediction modelling, and to support your customers' AI journey.   Learn why Canvass AI is your partner of choice, how you can quickly onboard as a partner, and certify with our Canvass Academy.

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Services Partners

Canvass AI has a growing network of systems integrators and engineering firms who provide their customers with Trusted Advisor support to advance their digital transformation journey. We welcome partners who are looking to serve their customers beyond integration and solution building and to help them gain insight into where they can strategically invest capital in their operations. Canvass has a unique Partnership Program that is designed to help our Partners scale their teams and drive quick value through AI.

Technology Partners

Canvass AI’s technology partners are leading companies that provide best in class opportunities for customers to leverage their existing systems in a secure environment.  The Canvass Platform provides valuable integration points with these partners to bring more value to our common customers.

OEM and Connected Services Partner

The Canvass platform is uniquely built to provide equipment manufacturers valuable performance insight that maximizes their customers' investments. The platform is also well designed for Operations and Monitoring service providers to deliver Insight and Agility to the customers.

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