Improve Efficiency. Increase Throughput. Reduce Waste.

Empowering production teams in the chemical sector to achieve sustainable outcomes faster.

How Industrial AI Is Transforming The Chemical Industry

Increase Efficiency and Throughput, Reduce Waste by at least 15% with an Industrial AI software that puts operators in control of their data to make timely decisions.
1% in impurities

1% reduction in impurities and $6M/year in additional revenue by accurately predicting product quality 2 hours in advance.

3.3% in energy costs

3.3% Reduction in energy costs by optimizing set points for control systems in co-generation assets.

~$6M/yr* in production losses

~$6M/year Benefits by eliminating production losses due to unplanned disruptions.

*USD 7M – ~USD 1M as maintenance cost savings
>4% CO2 / Year

>4% CO2 / Year Reduced GHG emissions by optimizing steam production to meet energy demand in co-generation assets.


Minimized waste and achieved consistent product quality with real-time prediction and guidance.

0 Emergency Trip Events

Eliminated emergency trip events and maintenance costs while improving asset reliability and efficiency.

5% in Asset Utilization

5% Improvement in Asset Utilization with early detection of yield and quality variations and actionable guidance for operations.

$7M/yr in maintenance costs

$7M/yr Benefits from timely prevention of breakdowns leading to higher production and lower maintenance costs.

Energy costs

Reduced energy costs and improved operating model for cogeneration units to meet turbines and heating demand.

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