Early Event Detection

Predict process and asset changes and prevent undesirable events with precise response guidance.

How the Solution works

Prevent undesirable events before they occur. Predict process and asset disruptions and respond faster with actionable insights to reduce production losses, improve sustainability, lower safety risks, and cut operating expenses using Canvass AI’s Early Event Detection Solution.
24/7 Early Event Detection
Deploy Canvass AI to continuously monitor a selected process space to identify any anomalies that could lead to process disruptions. Detect anomalies in real-time for early predictions and faster mitigation.
360-degree Guidance
Augment operator expertise with early actionable guidance to address the root cause of the problem. Remove human bias and inconsistencies from operator decision making.
Enhance Toolkit Capabilities
Augment existing engineering toolkits without disrupting existing workflows. Respond faster to operational problems and accelerate sustainability targets with deeper AI insights that other tools do not deliver.

Prevent Undesirable Events Before They Occur with Canvass AI

Patented Industrial AI
Process all relevant plant data to capture the dynamic nature of the process industries’ complex environments to accurately predict disruptions in real-time.
Prescriptive Insights
Reliably predict disruptions and provide actionable guidance for faster responses and to minimize production losses, operations expenses, and safety incidents.
Zero False Alarm Accuracy
High frequency data processing ensures real-time high accuracy predictions.
Identify Precursor Data Patterns
Detect deviations early that may cause disruptions.
Intuitive User Experience
Built for engineers and operators to solve day-to-day problems efficiently and in a timely manner.

Canvass AI 

Early Event Detection

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