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Podcast Spotlight: Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott Mackenzie

Published on:
June 7, 2021

In the Industrial Talk Podcast on The Power of Data to Accelerate your Sustainability in your Industrial Operations with the host Scott Mackenzie, Canvass’s CEO Humera Malik reveals how AI is helping industrial firms reduce their carbon footprint and create an efficient business and a sustainable future for generations to come

Watch this episode of Industrial Talk Podcast, hosted by Scott Mackenzie.

In this episode, Humera Malik shares her insights into how business can control their data and leverage it to solve real problems.

Revolutionizing the industry with AI

Malik throws light on how industrial companies are at a tipping point of making change happen. She believes that the industry is now is ready to dive in and implement AI in many disruptive ways. What further highlights this is that it is not just the Fortune 500 companies eager to do so, but mid-market businesses are also at the cusp of change. After benefiting from the technology in running operations efficiently, they are now ready to move towards productivity and eventually to automation.

Solving a real problem

After speaking with hundreds of businesses, Malik realized that the problem was not the scarcity of data but rather creating insights and leveraging them to drive business decisions. These companies generate terabytes of data, and she felt the only way to leverage this data was by creating a leading-edge AI solution.

Providing a roadmap to businesses

While all this is good to hear, how can industrial companies actually use AI in the real world? Malik shares that the Canvass AI solution has made AI approachable, usable and available for non AI specialists such as industrial operators, plant engineers, process engineers, reliability engineers and more, empowering them to work with their own data and allowing them to scale.

Building sustainable solutions

Malik further talks about the imperative need to ensure sustainability and how AI can play a pivotal role in it. While industrial companies account for 25% of global carbon emissions, we can bring it down substantially by leveraging AI-powered solutions.

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