Set Point Control

Maximize productivity, increase efficiency, and meet sustainability targets by accurately predicting setpoints in real-time.

How the Solution works

Provide setpoint guidance in real-time and at the desired frequency to suit operator or controller response time. Maximize productivity and sustainability with Canvass AI’s Set Point Control Solution.
Active Setpoint Control
Empower operators and control engineers with real-time guidance on set points to meet their target operational objectives. Schedule the frequency of predictions so that your teams get the actionable guidance at the right time.
Augment Operator Expertise
Augment operator decision making with accurate setpoint guidance that empowers them to maximize productivity and efficiency in real-time. Remove human bias and inconsistencies from operator decision making. Maximize OEE and deliver the golden batch with more consistency across your batch processes.
Closed-Loop Control
Integrate set point guidance into control systems for real-time closed-loop control at the desired frequency. Eliminate setpoint deviations and drive production to meet your KPIs.

Proactively Manage the Plant with Canvass AI

Patented Industrial AI
Process all relevant plant data to capture the dynamic nature of the process industries’ complex environments to maximize productivity.
Prescriptive Insights
Accurately predict setpoints and dependent variables to meet your production KPIs.
Seamlessly Integrate Predictions
Integrate set point predictions to control systems, business systems or within the Canvass UI to ensure the appropriate action from operations.
Zero False Alarm Accuracy
High frequency data processing ensures real-time high accuracy predictions.
Identify Precursor Data Patterns
Detect deviations early that may impact production.
Intuitive User Experience
Built for engineers and operators to solve day-to-day problems efficiently and in a timely manner.

Canvass AI 

Set Point Control

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