Industrial AI

Tips to Maximize Benefits From Your AI Investment

Published on:
January 24, 2021

Even as there is a growing recognition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) transformative impact in enhancing operational efficiency, organizations still struggle in the widespread adoption of this technology.

There's more to data than meets the eye

AI and ML are instrumental in enabling companies to achieve dramatic improvement and business edge. However, making these technologies work efficiently for any process or function is critical to construct a strong data foundation.

In this video interview, Lindsay Demspey from Enmax Energy provides his insights into kicking off his AI journey.

"We're looking for opportunities like this, and we've tried different technologies here and there throughout time, and some we pick up and take forward and some we don't. I was 100% sure before going to the pilot that I've got all of the needed data and could be accessed easily," said Lindsay Dempsey, Senior Lead Optimization Engineer, Enmax Energy Corporation "It was high quality, continuous data, ideal for this kind of analysis, and free from errors. I thought all we had to do was to pull off our data historian system. But I was wrong, and I think that's the common experience," Dempsey adds.

Getting started with AI with the Canvass edge

ENMAX Energy teamed up with Canvass AI to exploit the full potential of the data generated.

"The tools can only work with what you feed them, and again it's technology; it's not magic. So, having an excellent data set that fits the purpose, the problem you're trying to solve is essential. I have to say full credit to the Canvass team that worked on our pilot project. They were on to this risk and flagged all data discrepancies at the right time through their tools. They were spot on," Dempsey further added.'

Want to learn more about Enmax Energy's AI journey? Check out this video to leverage Enmax’s key learnings to maximize the benefits from your AI investment.