Driving Sustainability at Canvass AI: Meet The Engineers Behind the Canvass AI Platform

Meet the engineers behind the award-winning Canvass AI platform and apply now for our open opportunities at www.canvass.io
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Driving Sustainability at Canvass AI: Meet The Engineers Behind the Canvass AI Platform

John Murdoch, VP of Engineering, Canvass AI

At Canvass AI, our industrial AI platform is helping the world’s largest industrial companies to drive efficiency, cost-savings, and, most importantly, improve environmental outcomes for the industrial customers we work with. At just one plant, we’ve helped prevent over 10 million pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere and continue to help our customers achieve their environmental sustainability goals as we grow. 

With our technology, one of our customers has cut over 10 million pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

The Canvass engineering team powers the development of the technology responsible for this positive environmental impact. Our machine learning and software development professionals use technologies such as Kafka, Kubeflow and Azure IoT to build a solution which empowers users – process engineers and plant operators – to improve their industrial operations. Using our platform, users can:

  • Optimize production processes
  • Improve quality
  • Reduce waste
  • Lower energy consumption 
  • Decrease greenhouse gas emissions 

Building a platform to tackle big problems like these can be challenging, but that's also one of the things that makes working at Canvass so rewarding. Our sprints cover a variety of technical themes:

  • Creating a user experience that makes AI approachable and easy to use
  • Processing and analyzing Industrial IoT data at scale
  • Developing repeatable, modular machine learning pipelines
  • Building a reliable, scalable distributed system in the cloud

With a bold product vision and so much to do, team empowerment is critical to our success.  Product teams – developers, designers and a product manager – work towards a shared goal and have the autonomy to experiment, develop and create solutions that best meet that goal. When it comes to impact and ownership, Abishek Murali, one of our earliest machine learning engineers, says it best:

“Canvass AI is a place you can work holistically across a platform and can impact everything from microservices to UI/UX.” - Abishek Murali.  

Given the need for industrial companies to adapt rapidly and make their operations more sustainable, we need more people like Abishek who want to learn, try new things, and apply their insights to accelerate both our users and our growth. 

Why join Canvass?

As part of the engineering team at Canvass, you're joining a tight-knit team that works together to create a platform that will benefit industrial plants around the world – both commercially and environmentally. At Canvass, software development is more than checking features off a list of requirements. Our developers maintain a focus on the business impact of their changes and advocate for work that will drive outcomes instead of just output. With customers that span the metals, chemicals, manufacturing, and oil & gas sectors, plus investors among the world’s leading AI and industrial companies, such as Google’s Gradient Ventures and Yamaha Motor Ventures, the potential to make an impact is real.

If you’re up to the challenge of helping us scale both our platform and our team, and want to drive sustainability in the industrial space, we strongly suggest you consider joining our growing engineering team as a Senior Software Engineer, AI Solutions Architect, Cloud Engineer, or Test Automation Developer.

Life at Canvass
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