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Leveraging Canvass's AI-powered analytics platform, tier 1 automotive manufacturers are optimizing a multitude of production processes in order to increase output, reduce waste, minimize defects and rework, and lower energy consumption. The Canvass AI Platform is also being used for predictive maintenance to manage asset health, improve quality and reduce unplanned downtime. In one case, a Fortune 100 auto manufacturer is maximizing production efficiency; the customer is using Canvass AI to optimize robotic welding and robotic paint processes. By predicting failures and optimizing assets, the automotive customer has reduced unplanned downtime by 10%.


Food & Bev

Canvas's AI-powered analytics platform is helping to optimize food processes, increase batch production, and improve energy efficiency across the Food & Bev industry. Canvass AI helps to increase quality, quantity, sustainability, and cost effectiveness of Food & Ag production using predictive maintenance date models that improve asset useful life and reduce equipment downtime. In one case, a Fortune 500 Ag Processing company uses the Canvass AI Platform to pinpoint the optimal end time of their fermentation process. By optimizing batch run time, the customer is achieving 5% improvement in asset utilization.




Canvass AI can better help Energy companies alike realize productivity gains across their entire operations including generation, transmission and distribution, and renewables.  Reduce O&M costs using Canvass AI to implement predictive maintenance programs, optimize asset health and identify underperforming processes. In one case, Canvass AI is helping a global Fortune 1500 Ag processing plant optimize their co-generation turbines which has led to a 13% improvement in fuel efficiency while reducing CO2 emissions by 10+ million pounds per year.  



Canvass AI is enabling metals and mining companies to leverage predictive analytics to reduce O&M costs and improve production. Energy consumption and production is optimized while overall product quality is improved. For example, a Fortune 5000 metal and steel manufacturing customer is able to improve the process of producing integrated iron and steel. With Canvass's AI-powered analytics platform, the manufacturer is able to predict the quality of production, reduce associated waste, improve cost of production and meet evolving sustainability needs of the business.


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