Driving Impact with AI

Driving industrial sustainability with data-driven insights that improve process operations, optimize assets, and reduce costs.

Oil & Gas

Canvass AI is helping major Oil, Gas and Petrochemical companies to significantly improve operational performance by increasing  availability of assets and reducing maintenance costs. With Canvass AI, cut operating costs, unplanned downtime, and greenhouse gas emissions by optimizing processes and asset utilization.

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Canvass AI is helping chemical production facilities combat rising material and energy costs, improve product quality and, reduce resource inefficiencies.  With Canvass AI, optimize asset utilization and improve energy efficiency in days, not weeks.


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Food & Beverage

Canvass AI is helping to optimize processes, increase batch production, and improve energy efficiency across the Food, Agriculture and Beverage industry. With Canvass AI, increase quality, throughput, sustainability, and cost effectiveness of food production by optimizing processes, improving asset useful life, and reducing equipment downtime.

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Metals & Mining

Canvass AI is enabling metals and mining companies to reduce operating and maintenance costs and improve production. With Canvass AI, metal companies can optimize energy consumption and production, while improving product quality. For example, a Fortune 500 metal and steel manufacturing customer is able to improve the process of producing integrated iron and steel.

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Energy & Utilities

Canvass AI is helping energy companies realize performance gains across their entire operations including generation, transmission, and distribution. Reduce O&M costs using Canvass AI to implement predictive maintenance programs, optimize asset health, and identify underperforming processes.

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Canvass AI is purpose built for the industrial sector.

Canvass AI is being applied across an extensive list of industries and use cases. Get in touch today to find out how you can start drawing on the benefits of AI across your industrial processes today.

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