Using AI to reduce carbon footprint and energy costs

Learn how an industrial company is using AI to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs. Download the industry paper here.
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Here's how a top ingredient manufacturer reduced 9 mn CO2 emissions and saved 4% in annual energy costs using the Canvass AI platform. 

Energy consumption continues to be one of the top leading expenses across the industrial sector. For the food and beverage sector, for example, this is only going to get worst. It is estimated that energy consumption for the food industry is going to increase from 11% now to 16-17% in the next five years.  

Fortunately, we live in an era where technologies, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI), have started to gain momentum to help organizations fast-track their energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives.  

Case in point is a leading global ingredients solution company, which aimed to achieve a 10% reduction in carbon emission intensity within the next two years and a cumulative savings of $100 million by 2021. They turned to AI to spearhead how they were going to achieve this.  

How Canvass AI platform helped in achieving process efficiency

The majority of the AI projects fail due to unrealistic expectations. Hence, a clear understanding of AI as a strategic enabler, and the best way to implement it for a specific process or objective is a prerequisite before undertaking any AI-implementation. 

Using the Canvass AI platform, the ingredient manufacturer used a three-step approach to automate the company's boiler operations. The first step included preparing the organization, its people, and processes for the AI initiative; the second step focused on forecasting and optimizing boiler efficiency. The third step helped the company attain AI-driven automation.

Our AI platform with pre-developed AI-templates empowered plant operators to get data-driven insights to improve operational processes and optimize assets. This enabled process engineers to control their functions by giving them the tools to visualize and contextualize data, derive predictive insights and make pre-emptive operational adjustments - all this without requiring any coding experience. The result: the ingredient solutions company Is using Canvass AI predictions to automate the optimization of its boilers to cut annual energy consumption by 4% and reduce carbon emissions by more than 9 million pounds per year.  

Interested to know more about this success story? Download this industry paper to learn more about how manufacturers are using Canvass AI to drive efficiencies, reduce carbon footprint and improve profitability.

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