Transforming the steel industry with AI

AI platforms are placing the power of AI in the hands of industrial engineers of steel companies. Learn how they can transform steel businesses.
Transforming the steel industry with AI

Steel companies contend with many of the same challenges affecting the rest of the manufacturing industry, such as simplifying complex processes, managing skills gaps of an aging workforce, and addressing how to minimize their carbon footprint.  

To help address these issues, many steel manufacturers are turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), as a result. The good news is that these companies understand the importance of digital transformation and have already started to embrace AI initiatives in one form or another. On the flip side, however, the potential to implement digital transformation strategies remains largely untapped due to talent shortage and limited infrastructural capabilities required to support technology development.

Fortunately, today’s AI-enabled platforms facilitate the transition into digital transformation by making it possible to harness the power of AI without the help of specialized tech talent, data scientists or consultants. Manufacturers are bridging the knowledge and skills gap by placing the power of AI in the hands of industrial engineers.

Industrial AI solutions are supporting steel manufacturers in streamlining processes and assets, lowering energy consumption, increasing yield, and improving product quality, among other things. In addition, AI has the potential to transform the entire production line, making it highly efficient in enabling the use of alternate fuels, maximizing energy and steam demand, and building predictive maintenance capabilities.

These benefits only begin to scratch the surface. When it comes to the transformation brought on by implementing AI in steel manufacturing, the possibilities are limitless.  

Learn how steel manufacturers are benefiting from some of the most disruptive use cases of AI in steel in our latest report on How AI unlocks the steel industry’s full potential.  

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