5-Minute Guide: How AI Will Transform the Chemical Industry


Although it’s been 20 years since the first application of AI in the chemical industry, the transformation of the chemical industry through AI has been slower than expected. This is largely due to the change required in the user’s perception of how to analyze their data and, until recently, the lack of easily accessible and usable AI solutions for plant engineers and their supporting technical staff.

While many outside the industry argue that AI will replace human decision-making in chemical plant process operations, most within the industry know that to be practical, it should be designed to enhance the abilities of the human user of the data by augmenting their day-to-day workflows and decision-making. This means making AI accessible to an industrial workforce with deep domain expertise, without requiring data science skills.

Canvass AI is built for large-scale chemical operations and its easy-to-use AI solutions are designed to simplify decision-making and fast-track problem-solving in an industrial setting.

Learn about the key areas in which the chemical industry has benefited from AI in our 5-Minute Guide: How AI Will Transform the Chemical Industry.

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