Start Small Strategy - AI Playbook for Process Industries

Start Small Strategy - AI Playbook for Process Industries

Making operational decisions is becoming more complex than ever before for the process industries. In response to increasing market volatility, higher growth demands,  and compliance with tightening sustainability targets, some companies are undergoing a fundamental change in how they reach smarter decisions to optimize their processes, troubleshoot operational issues, or make their capital-intensive assets more reliable. Industrial AI has the potential to revolutionize process industries manufacturing through the automation of decision steps in a number of areas including design, operations, maintenance, and supply chain.

The problem with AI is that for the moment it feels like a step just out of reach, but the thought of reaching it both exhilarates us and terrifies us at the same time. As with all adventures that feel daunting in the beginning, the path to an AI-driven future starts with a single step that will eventually turn into many, each one paving the way for the next. Managing the disruptive change that AI produces is fundamental to success, particularly because an AI deployment alone does not guarantee the desired business results. This fact is evidenced by numerous studies that show most AI programs do not achieve their performance improvement targets.

In our latest paper, we discuss the "Start Small Strategy" using Industrial AI and how it is helping the Process industries achieve faster and more sustainable outcomes.

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