Predictive AI to Cut Gearbox Failure Downtime

Predictive AI to Cut Gearbox Failure Downtime

Predictive AI to Cut Gearbox Failure Downtime

What if we told you that you could enjoy cost savings of at least six figures simply by empowering your industrial operations with AI? Yes, it is true! An AI-powered digital transformation can allow oil & gas and mining companies to significantly reduce maintenance and repair costs by preventing total failures.  

To demonstrate how AI-powered predictive maintenance models can detect failures and increase the operational safety in rotating machinery, such as gearboxes, we bring you a comprehensive case study of a leading North American Oil and Gas company. Learn how the Canvass AI platform can predict gearbox failures within its conveyor belt lines to prevent production loss, thereby, significantly reducing maintenance costs. The Canvass solution provides all the insights industrials need to enhance productivity and improve reliability of operations.  

It is time to emulate the success of this leading Oil and Gas company and save thousands of dollars for your industrial business. To get the blueprint, download the ‘Predictive AI to Cut Gearbox Failure Downtime’ case study today. 

To learn more about AI-powered predictive maintenance, check out our blog on The Perfect Downtime Storm is Brewing for Oil and Gas Companies this Summer and Five Criteria on Selecting a Successful AI Use Case.

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