How AI is Easy to Use

Kevin Smith of Canvass AI speaks about how AI for industrials can be a key driver in building a profitable and environmentally friendly business.
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Gartner says that 85% of AI and ML projects fail. It happens for various reasons, such as lack of skills, unsuitable technical environment. But the fate of industrial AI adoption strategies doesn’t have to fall in the wrong side of history.  

Tune into The Smart City Podcast hosted by ARC Advisory Group, where Kevin Smith of Canvass AI talks about how disruptive solutions have made AI easy to use. He throws light on the transformative power of AI for industrials and how it can be a key driver in building a profitable and environmentally sustainable business. Kevin shares the golden rules of a successful AI implementation and answers the top questions he is asked by industrials who are embarking on the AI adoption journey.

  • How do organizations understand the right adoption journey? 
  • What role to people play in the adoption journey of AI and how can industrial leaders enable success? 
  • What are the top tips that organizations should consider if they looking at adopting AI in the next 6-12 months? 

Listen to the episode of The Smart City Podcast here.

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