Interactive AI Capabilities Usher in New Canvass AI Software for Industrials

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Interactive AI Capabilities Usher in New Canvass AI Software for Industrials

If we are to think of Interactive AI as a system that facilitates collaboration and communication between humans and AI, then the natural course would be to make our software and AI tools conform to the way engineering teams work. For AI to increasingly become a tool that supplements human tasks and endeavours, it is ever more important to focus on the interaction, one that makes sense for the user at hand, and builds trust in the AI.  

Our mission is to make AI readily accessible to knowledge workers in the continuous manufacturing industries. Over the past year, Canvass AI has worked hard to deliver the new version of our software that delivers on that promise, focusing on 4 key areas of Interactive AI.    

Advanced UIX

The first area of advancement is of course the most obvious, a new user interface, and user experience with contextual guidance and online training material targeted to help engineers harness the power of AI and continue to improve the work they do every day​.  

Solutions Framework

As an engineer, you’re seeking to find a solution to solve a problem. The new Canvass AI software goes even further in offering embedded end-to-end solutions for common industrial problems, making it quicker for engineering teams to deploy and realize impact​.  

Explainable AI

AI systems find patterns in data that cannot be seen by humans, making them appear magical​. In fact, many systems are opaque, “black boxes” that stream predictions without explaining how those predictions were derived. Engineers have deep process expertise and want to understand AI recommendations,​ like what tags contributed to the prediction. The new Canvass AI software provides a variety of visualizations depicting the relationships in the data, so engineers can see how the Canvass AI solution came to its conclusions​.

Robust Speed

Industrial time series data are large data sets and cumbersome to work with​, especially with simple tools like Excel. Additionally, AI results improve with larger data sets, but more data takes more time​ to process. The new Canvass AI software pumps up the performance with robust speed for handling and manipulating large datasets, reducing processing times to seconds and minutes versus hours, letting you scale to include more of the process​.  

Ready for a Deep Dive?

For more details on all the new features and functionality please click: Discover the New Canvass AI Software with Interactive AI Features  

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