Encouragement, learnings and opportunity to solve real challenges

The Canvass AI internship program is structured to offer practical experience and exposure to real-world impactful projects.
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Encouragement, learnings and opportunity to solve real challenges

If you are looking to harness your skills and put to your university learning into practical use, Canvass AI is the place for you! Our Canvass Internship Program provides university students an opportunity to gain hands-on work experience in a disruptive AI startup.  We speak to Ayden Garrett, who previously was an intern and is now a full-time Software Engineer at Canvass to learn about her internship experience at Canvass AI.

Canvass was the sixth and final internship I pursued as part of my Bachelor's Degree in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo. What drew me to Canvass was the promise of a growing startup where I would have the chance to have a real impact and an opportunity to explore many new technologies along the way. 

The thing I enjoyed most about my internship was the amount of ownership offered over the projects I worked on and the breadth of challenges I was able to tackle. What impressed me most about the Canvass Internship Program was the fact that my opinions and solutions were welcomed and valued, and I was included in every technical meeting, even getting the chance to lead my own.

Advice to students

Given my experience, I would advise students to apply for an internship at Canvass. An internship here offers an excellent opportunity to learn and grow in a real-world setting for up-and-coming software engineers. The best way to learn is by getting your hands dirty. It is ok to make mistakes as long as you are willing to take feedback and put in the effort to learn, explore and solve problems.

What sets Canvass apart is that they treat interns like team members and encourage them to make meaningful contributions from the start. Not to mention, the team is amazing to work with and creates an exciting learning environment.

Lasting impressions

In all of my previous internships, I was ready to go back to school by the end of the term. However, when my internship at Canvass ended, I was sad to leave the fantastic people and the exciting work that I'd become accustomed to. This was one of the main reasons why I wanted to join permanently. I loved the work I was doing and was excited to continue working on the Canvass AI platform and learn much more along the way.

The key difference now that I am a full-time software engineer is that I am more confident in my work, and I attribute this to my internship. I learned and grew a lot professionally, and it was a fantastic transition to full-time employment.

I love that at Canvass, I have the chance to work on challenging and innovative problems that provide real value to our users. We also have a culture that is second to none, and I thoroughly enjoy my time working with such spectacular people every day!

Applications for our September intake open soon. Follow Canvass AI on LinkedIn or Twitter to find out when applications open for our next intake.

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