Innovation takes centre-stage at Canvass’s Q2 Hackathon!

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The passionate, creative and enthusiastic minds at Canvass came together once again for the fifth edition of the Hackathon - a week-long event where employees work on disruptive solutions and new ideas to address real-world problems in industrial manufacturing. Riding on the success of previous Hack Weeks, this edition witnessed participation from 9 teams who were judged on their creativity, readiness of the idea and potential impact on the Canvass platform.  

In conversation with the winning team, Team Clarity – which spans members of the engineering, sales, customer success, and product team. We discussed their experience, learnings and key takeaways from the Q2 Hackathon.

What did you enjoy most about the Hackathon?  

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working closely with peers across different departments, who we don’t get a chance to partner with on an everyday basis. The week-long hackathon presented an incredible opportunity to learn from each other and understand the business from different perspectives.

How do you think Canvass encourages creativity? 

At Canvass, we are encouraged to participate in conversations and get involved in projects that are beyond the scope of our individual roles and responsibilities. The Hackathon is one such initiative. The collaborative, innovative and enthusiastic work environment at Canvass allowed us to put our minds together and deliver on a winning solution in a week’s time. This was not only because we were an incredibly resourceful team but also because we were constantly thinking about the bigger picture and were completely aligned with Canvass’s business goals. As a small but growing organization, the challenges and wins of Canvass are always in our line of sight and top of mind.

What is the most fun and challenging part of Hack Weeks? 

All of us effortlessly played the devil’s advocate and dissected our own hypothesis, which in a way helped us come up with the winning solution. As we dissected the scope of the problem we were trying to solve, we became very committed to the low-hanging fruit and re-designed some high reward, low-risk components that had the perfect balance of feasibility, desirability and viability.  

What are your key learnings from Hack Week?

Through this week-long collaboration we have realized that no idea is too big or small to really make a difference and create impact. Canvass empowers us to think out of the box to continuously push the boundaries of innovation to address key challenges plaguing the industry. It has only been a few days since Hack Week concluded and most of the ideas are now a part of someone’s implementation plan.  

What unique strengths did each of you bring to the team? 

Every team member brought something unique to the mix, making it a perfect team. While Ayden was a Figma and Canvass ninja translating our ideas into design mocks and checking implementation feasibility, Ashvitha advocated equal parts for form and function. On the other hand, Forogh brought market intelligence and helped built the team’s empathy for customer needs. Last but not the least, Hardeep brought in design insights to enhance the ease of use for target customers.  

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