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Canvass' Vision for Advanced Manufacturing

Published on:
May 28, 2019

At Canvass Analytics, we’re often asked about our vision for the future of manufacturing and how AI will accelerate this. For us, it all comes back to what we coin “Intelligent Operations."

Intelligent Operations breaks down the silos between the data of a plant’s assets, processes and workforce to create a continuous closed loop that curates raw data, connects intelligence and creates impact. It’s in this Intelligent Operations environment where assets, processes and the workforce all contribute an important role to a manufacturing plant’s success and, therefore, create a ‘sum is greater than the parts’ mentality. It transforms operations from a situation of ‘best case’ performance based on experience and intuition to where they can anticipate and address contributing factors in order to capitalize the top and bottom line. The important glue that transforms this operations floor is an AI-powered predictive analytics platform that pinpoints the parameters and understands how they impact production.  

AI is shepherding in this new era where industrial operations can move from situational/post-production awareness to comprehension and prediction​. And most importantly – insights come in near real-time so that the appropriate action is taken before production is impacted, and operators are empowered to continuously measure and improve their performance.  

The impact of Intelligent Operations can be far-reaching, such as:


  • Increased reliability
  • Extended remaining useful life
  • Reduced energy costs


  • Improved risk mitigation
  • Higher yield for similar conditions
  • Improved quality and fewer defects


  • Institutionalized knowledge
  • Workforce transformation  
  • Empowered digital workforce  

But don’t just take our word for it...

Alan Kestenbaum, Executive Chairman of Stelco commented:

"Canvass Analytics quickly demonstrated to us the usefulness of AI in certain areas of our operations and the potential of applying AI across our operations in order to increase our profitability and competitiveness."

KC Suresh, Managing Director & CEO, Grains at Olam International also commented:

“Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool to help re-imagine global agriculture. The insights offered by data and analytics provide opportunities to transform the way we operate and to find new ways to address challenges across the agricultural value chains. By integrating emerging technologies into our business we are driving greater efficiencies, enhancing the sustainability of our supply chains and offering more value to our customers.”