Canvass Hackathon: Nurturing new ideas, boosting innovation

Canvass’ hackathons drive new ideas and creativity. Join our team that pushes the boundaries of innovation, apply for our job listings
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Jeff Wood, Director of Product Management

At Canvass, we regularly organize week-long hackathons to give our employees the time and space to come up with ideas and new approaches to address problems. They have been a successful way for the company to think outside of the box – so much so, past hackathon projects have been added to the Canvass AI platform!

A week-long event to spur innovation

Canvass recently held its fourth hackathon. This week-long event saw the enthusiastic participation of employees from across the organization. The hack week gave employees the freedom to explore and address challenges and opportunities to benefit Canvass. This allowed them to look at ideas that are beyond their regular scope of work at the company. Additionally, this event was designed to encourage people to interact and collaborate with peers from different teams and departments.

During this hackathon, seven teams created projects that could benefit marketing, sales, customer success, engineering, and the Canvass AI platform.

Rise of disruptive new ideas

Teams were judged on the creativity they showed, the impact on the Canvass AI platform, the readiness of their potential idea or solution. This latest event was so successful that the judges couldn’t pick one winner – and instead, four winners were awarded for their project’s creativity and potential impact to Canvass. Congratulations to the Hack-Week Winners!

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