Why digital transformation needs multi-dimensional solutions, not multiple, siloed solutions

In this Canvass AI blog, learn why organizations must adopt a multi-dimensional approach to digital transformation to maximize your ROI.
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Industrials rightly prioritize digital transformation as the mantra for fast-paced growth. However, even as they do so, this discussion paper outlines why a Multi-Dimensional Approach to Digital Transformation  is crucial to gain organization-wide success. 

When different teams or processes adopt a “one problem, one solution, one enabling technology” approach, it addresses individual problems through technology adoption but does not add any real value to improving organization-level efficiency or effectiveness. 

A multi-dimensional approach to digital transformation enables organizations to benefit from disruptive technology by facilitating the integration of many different people and processes to function at their best while optimizing their interconnectedness to transform the business as a whole. 

Organizations should undertake a needs analysis to arrive at a multi-dimensional solution that ultimately ties to an overall digital strategy. Some basic questions to guide this process are:

  • What problem am I trying to solve? What revolutionary changes can I bring in? 
  • What primary and secondary process(es) do I need to create, change or eliminate to support the solution - including technology adoption, workgroup interface and talent management, among others?
  • Which core and support teams will work and support the solutions; what levels of expertise would they need for this nature of technology adoption/process changes? 

Guided by the above responses, the next step will be to determine the plan of action; while balancing what is possible, what is critical, and what the organization can handle. Digital transformation is a gradual process that should have a holistic benefit to the entire organization by improving the business’s present and building for its future. 

Download the Discussion Paper to find out how a multi-dimensional digital transformation approach can transform your business as a whole for improved productivity and sustainability. 

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