A day in the life of an intern at Canvass

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A day in the life of an intern at Canvass

Mehak is pursuing her Bachelor of Computing at the National University of Singapore. She is mid-way through her internship at Canvass. 

Having recently developed an interest in entrepreneurship, I wanted to experience how a start-up operates. I was particularly keen to experience the start-up culture in Canada to broaden my worldview. When I first learned about Canvass, I was immediately drawn to its vision of transforming the industrials with AI. Canvass uses technology to create a positive impact and that perfectly aligned with my goals and values.

Here’s what my typical day at Canvass looks like: 

9:00 AM

I begin my day by checking Slack notifications and GitHub for any updates on current projects or pull requests. I then go through the tasks on my team’s JIRA Board to decide what to continue working on. I also compile any doubts I may have to seek clarifications during my team’s standup meeting. Further, I reach out to other members across different teams for any help I might need.

10:15 AM

Time for daily standup! My team meets to discuss updates and clarifications on the various tasks we’re working on. This is a great time to communicate any updates across the team so that everyone is on the same page.

10:30 AM

I meet with specific team members to collaborate on certain tasks based on the updates discussed during the standup meeting.

11:30 AM

I continue working on my specific tasks. I am also available to help anyone else with other assignments if needed. In the Canvass engineering team, we generally reach out to one another based on our different areas of expertise or areas we have worked on earlier. A collaborative environment is the hallmark of Canvass and results in improved productivity.

12:30 PM

I usually take a lunch break around this time. Once every week, we have an engineering team virtual lunch where we connect over Zoom to catchup with one another. We also play games together, such as Skribbl and GeoGuesser. I really look forward to this meeting as it’s a fun way to stay connected while working remotely.

1:30 PM

This afternoon, we are preparing for our bi-weekly sprint closeout presentation. The biweekly sprint closeout session at Canvass is an excellent way for everyone to share what they have been working on during the past sprint. This helps everyone stay updated on the latest changes to the Canvass platform, especially during the release of new features. This meeting, we’re working on our team’s presentation and getting our live demo ready to show the rest of the company.

3:00 PM

After our sprint closeout session, my team meets for a sprint retrospective session. We share our thoughts with one another about what went well and what could be improved moving forward. Reflecting on our sprint helps us understand how we can take timely steps towards improving our workflow and productivity.

5:00 PM

I generally wrap up the day by compiling a list of tasks completed and creating a to-do list for the next day. This helps me stay organized and keep track of everything.

Last words

Canvass offers an excellent environment to learn and grow every single day. More importantly, the team encourages you to challenge yourself and supports you all the way. 

The Canvass Internship Program provides the opportunity to work on multiple tasks across teams and learn new things without being limited to a single functional silo. Canvass is the place to be if you enjoy using technology to create a real impact and want to grow in a supportive, collaborative environment.

--By Mehak Virdi

Life at Canvass
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