Empower your Workforce with Industrial AI

Why AI is Necessary to Future Proof Manufacturing

Published on:
October 20, 2019

Learn how AI can empower manufacturers to control processes, optimize productivity, reduce risk and automate the entire manufacturing line.

It’s been estimated that AI can improve the manufacturing sector’s productivity by 45% by 2035. However, industrial companies have been slow to capitalize on this opportunity and still preside with a resource-first approach, which relies on operator expertise, manual/visual quality inspections, and teams of data scientists and lengthy consulting projects to reactively analyze and optimize an operational process.

This on-demand webinar outlines why the time is now for industrial manufacturers to implement AI in order to future-proof their business. It includes real-world case studies, including how major North American steel manufacturers, food and agriculture plants, and auto part manufacturers have implemented AI across their businesses to increase yield, improve quality, reduce waste and optimize energy usage.

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