Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show

Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show

As the most important manufacturing technology event in Quebec, MMTS is more than a tradeshow. MMTS is an EVENT dedicated to manufacturing! We provide a venue for the manufacturing community to come together to connect and grow. This is a unique opportunity to showcase products, communicate with industry leaders and gain practical knowledge to thrive, evolve and stay competitive.

Dates: June 18 - 20, 2024

Location: Palais des Congrès de Montréal Montréal, QC

Canvass AI at MMTS 2024:

Meet Chris Funk and Josef Zankowicz at the Canvass AI booth in the NGen and AI4Manufacturing Pavillion.

Don't forget to attend our session on Transforming the Industrial Landscape with Gen AI on June 18, 3.30 to 4 pm. Here are the session details:

Join Josef Zankowicz, Vice President of Canvass AI in this enlightening session as he unveils how simple query Gen AI products for data analysis and strategizing are revolutionizing the industrial sector, changing the engineer’s relationship with data and making AI more accessible across the industrial enterprise, from the plant floor to the C-Suite. Showcasing tools that simplify data analysis for decision-making and require no additional training, this session will explore how enabling the workforce with Gen AI can serve as a stepping stone to improve the adoption of Industrial AI in organizational decision-making.

To register click here and to book a meeting, fill out the form.

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