Leveraging Industry 4.0 to Improve the Quality of Consumer Package Goods


Leveraging Industry 4.0 to Improve the Quality of Consumer Package Goods

In order to enhance operational efficiency, global companies across every industry are reaching toward new digital solutions such as artificial intelligence (AI) to expand their capabilities and improve performance. However, if your Food and Beverage business is at the beginning stages of a digital transformation or industry 4.0 journey, what are the right solutions to leverage? Where do you begin with a strategy to quickly adapt to this fast-changing landscape?

Join our next webinar to hear how is AI is being deployed in the Consumer Package Goods industry. You will see how AI is being deployed in new ways from food safety, reducing waste, predictive maintenance, food packaging, and sustainability practices. We will also showcase how AI combined with Operational Data and context can visualize and expose many opportunities for improvement.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How leading consumer package companies are adopting AI and other Industry 4.0 technologies to drive accountability, improve productivity, and steer decision-making.
  • New, digital, and automation technologies capable of delivering better measurable results with significant value
  • Best practices with industry 4.0 technologies that provide organizational efficiency and maintain competitiveness
  • How to enable knowledge sharing and data science enablement to expand innovation throughout the enterprise

About the Speakers

  • Ted Combs - Food & Beverage Industry Principal for OSIsoft
  • Humera Malik - CEO of Canvass AI
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