Industrial AI

Demystifying Industrial AI: What industrials need to know about succeeding with AI

Published on:
January 10, 2022

Over the last few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping industrials transform and address several key challenges, including skill shortages, meeting carbon neutrality targets, improving profitability and responding quickly to emerging market situations. Even so, industrials struggle to succeed with their AI efforts. 

Canvass AI’s webinar with Brock SolutionsDemystifying Industrial AI: What industrials need to know about succeeding with AI’ answers these very questions.

Industrial AI empowers businesses to move from the current reactive approach to a predictive way of working, which enables industrials to control their processes and lower asset downtime. Industrial AI can help increase productivity substantially, expand automation, improve quality, boost profitability and energy efficiency.

While industry surveys reveal a big bottleneck to scaling AI is the skillset gap, emerging AI technologies can help leapfrog this issue. With no coding expertise required, self-serving AI capabilities and reduced dependency on Black Box tools and consultants, new-age AI platforms put the power in the hands of industrial engineers. 

The webinar throws light on everything you need to know about succeeding with your AI rollout. It explains the most optimal approach to take and how to quickly drive value. Further, the webinar discusses different use cases and examples of industrial AI in action.  

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