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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Canvass AI?
Canvass AI is a patented Industrial AI software that provides industrial engineers and operations with easy-to-use AI solutions to address their operational challenges, without requiring coding or data science expertise. Today, leading industrial and manufacturing companies use Canvass AI to improve yield, optimize operations, improve asset reliability and utilization, and reduce energy, carbon emissions and waste.
Why Canvass AI?
Built for industrial environments: pre-built Industrial AI solutions for fast time to value.
Built for industrial workforces:  Initiative industrial AI solution for site engineers and operations
Built for industrial data: Patented platform that meets the rigors of industrial data processing
Built for all data maturities: Applicable for data lean and rich environments.
Built for industrial scale: Supports an AI journey from simple applications to holistic, complex solutions.
How Do I Get Started?
The Canvass Academy has 60+ courses available to help you get started on your AI journey. To sign up contact your Customer Success manager.