AI-based Predictive Analytics

Canvass Analytics gives operational teams a faster path to operational insights.

Canvass’s vision is to break the barriers to deploying AI in manufacturing operations.

According to a recent survey by the MAPI Foundation, 47% of respondents indicated their companies’ workforces lack the digital skills needed to implement AI solutions.


Canvass empowers manufacturers to overcome this challenge by providing a no-code,
machine learning-based platform that puts the benefits of AI in the hands of operators by simplifying the process of building, training, and scaling applied industrial AI in their day-to-day operations.

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Derive insights from across operations by automatically collecting data from diverse data sources and identifying patterns and correlations hidden deep within big data.


Shift from historical reports that tell why something happened to predictive insights that prevent, optimize and foresee outcomes.


Optimize processes and operations, improve production yield and improve energy efficiency using powerful Artificial Intelligence models that continually adapt to changes in data and conditions in real-time.


Leverage predictive insights from a single process to across multiple plants using a central, scalable, flexible platform.


Canvass AI delivers predictive insights to a variety of Industrial markets