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Artificial Intelligence empowers industrial companies to transform data into impactful insights.​​From increasing profitability and workforce productivity to reducing unplanned downtime and carbon emissions, Canvass AI is supporting industrial companies to transform their day-to-day operations.

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Canvass AI Use Cases

Optimizing Assets and Processes​ to Improve Product Yield​

​Use Canvass AI to predict and make the necessary adjustments to keep operating parameters within process specifications and ensure quality compliance.​

Reducing Water and Energy​ to Improve Sustainability​

​Use Canvass AI to predict optimal asset settings to improve environmental sustainability and come closer to net-zero carbon ambitions. ​

Optimizing Energy​ to Cut Rising Costs​

​Use Canvass AI to accurately forecast and optimize energy consumption of individual assets across your facility. ​

Continuous Process Optimization​ to Improve Product Quality

​Use Canvass AI to understand how process variables impact product quality, enabling you to make corrective parameter adjustments in real time. ​

Reducing Product Variability​ to Improve Yield​

​Use Canvass AI to visualize actual and predicted yield levels together to make important operational decisions quickly.​

Predictive Maintenance​ to Cut Unplanned Downtime​

​Use Canvass AI to proactively forecast and predict failures to analyze and optimize maintenance – and save millions of dollars annually.​

Optimizing Process​ to Lower Raw Material Wastage​

​Use Canvass AI to detect anomalies and optimize processes to reduce excess raw material consumption. ​

Optimizing Cycle Time​ to Improve Batch Consistency​

​Use Canvass AI to optimize processes on a time basis to reduce cycle time and improve yield. ​

Predicting Asset Failure​ to Extend the Life of Wells​

​Use Canvass AI to assess the risk of a well collapse to reduce downtime and energy costs. ​

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