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Are you ready to understand the real impact that AI can deliver to your operations?  Based on real customer data, our ROI Calculator can do just that. In just two minutes, answer a few easy questions, and our ROI Calculator will demonstrate the value that you may achieve.

Energy Optimization

With energy consumption being one of the highest operating expenses for the industrial sector, it’s essential to optimize usage wherever possible.  Canvass AI is being used by industrial companies to drive plant-wide energy efficiency initiatives that accelerate net-zero carbon efforts and cut escalating energy costs. Find out how much of your current energy costs and carbon footprint you could reduce by using Canvass AI.

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Predictive Maintenance

According to industry reports, 98% of organizations say a single hour of downtime costs over $100,000. How much could you save if you could predict asset failure?   Canvass AI can help you to implement predictive maintenance programs and reduce unplanned downtime. Find out how much money you can save by predicting asset failure and reducing associated unplanned downtime costs after one year of using Canvass AI.  

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Production Efficiency

Production inefficiency costs operations teams time, excess raw material usage, diminished asset utilization, and can even impact product quality. How much can you save by improving your OEE?  Canvass AI can help you to keep your processes within specification while maximizing output.  Find out what operating costs you can save by improving OEE after just one year of using Canvass AI.  

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