Your Guide to Transforming Industrial Operations with AI in just 60 days

Canvass’ 60-Day AI Transformation Plan e-book shatters the myth that it takes incredibly long for organizations to start to benefit from AI.
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Your Guide to Transforming Industrial Operations with AI in just 60 days

A common misconception in the industrial sector is that it takes an incredibly long time before AI starts to create an impact. Couple this perception with the static that almost 85% of machine learning projects fail, according to Gartner, and it is easy to understand why industrials are hesitant to deploy AI. 

The truth is, in the industrial space, AI deployments are either too complex or poorly executed or both. But what if there was a way that could ensure AI impact quickly for your business and prevent you from becoming just another statistic?


 To make your AI journey seamless and successful, Canvass brings to you its ‘60-Day AI Transformation Plan’ eBook. 

 The eBook highlights the 60-day roadmap to Canvass’ no-code AI, shattering the myth that it can be many, many tedious months before an organization starts to benefit from AI. It provides a practical guide on how to choose the right use case and validate its value and feasibility, discover and extract value from your data, extract insights, build models with pre-built AI templates, and seamlessly deploy models to live environments.

 With Canvass’ no-code AI, the industrials can accelerate time to impact by as much as four times, improving process efficiencies, optimizing asset utilization, boosting energy efficiency, and achieving sustainability goals for your industrial business. 

 Get started on your 60 Day AI Transformation Plan today by downloading the ebook now.  

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