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Stelco Partners with Canvass to Augment Intelligent Operations using AI in Steel Operation

March 7th, 2019 - Steel News, SteelGuru.com

Canvass Analytics Inc, a global leader in AI software for intelligent industrial operations, announced that it has signed an agreement with Stelco, the owners of North America's newest and most technologically advanced integrated steelmaking facilities, to use Canvass's AI platform to transform its steel operations, improve yield and boost productivity.

Alan Kestenbaum, Executive Chairman of Stelco Inc, said "As a company that strives to deliver the market's highest quality products in a cost competitive manner, we are continuously looking at how we can operate better. By partnering with Canvass Analytics, we are systematically transforming our facilities into intelligent operations environments and augmenting a digitally oriented workforce in order to take the efficiency of our operations to the next level. Canvass Analytics quickly demonstrated to us the usefulness of AI in certain areas of our operations and the potential of applying AI across our operations in order to increase our profitability and competitiveness."

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