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Stelco: at the forefront of deploying AI in day-to-day steel operations.

Toronto, September 19, 2019-“Stelco is at the forefront of deploying Artificial Intelligence in day-to-day operations. Working with Canvass Analytics – a leading AI platform for industrial operations - Stelco has implemented AI for optimizing the steel production process, leapfrogging the market by deploying AI in production using reinforcement learning, in an autonomous controlled system, in a full production environment,” – David Cheney, Chief Executive Officer.

At Stelco’s Q2 2019 Results Conference Call, the CEO highlighted the company’s commitment to investing in cutting edge technologies that will enable it to run their assets more efficiently and profitably. In particular, it has been utilizing Canvass’ AI platform to transform its steel operations, improve yield and boost productivity. Stelco is the owner of North America’s newest and most technologically advanced integrated steelmaking facilities.

“This is leading to reduced waste, improved quality and optimization of asset utilization. We are extremely excited with the prospects we see in deploying AI.” – David Cheney.

“By partnering with Canvass Analytics, we are systematically transforming our facilities into intelligent operations environments and augmenting a digitally oriented workforce in order to take the efficiency of our operations to the next level, ” Stelco’s Executive Chairman, Alan Kestenbaum, commented earlier.

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