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Organizational responses to data overload

December 4, 2018 - Chris McNamara, Smart Industry

IoT is propelling us from an era of information scarcity to an age of information abundance, but for this information to be valuable, businesses must respond to what it indicates.

This doesn’t always happen.

The reasons are varied. Responding to new information often requires a change in mindset of the entire organization. Adapting to data happens best in workplaces where employees are empowered to change the way they work and encouraged to share their knowledge across the organization. And that doesn’t always come naturally to people, whether they work in the C-suite or on the plant floor.

But there are experts out there—guides in leading organizational transformations through the perils and pitfalls. And they gathered during the Smart Industry 2018 panel titled “Organizational transformation in an age of information abundance,” where moderator Trent Salvaggio, executive director of the IoT Talent Consortium, began by posing a seemingly simple question to the professionals joining him onstage: Have you seen any major changes driven by the amount of access we now have to information?

The answers, you’d think, would be a unanimous, resounding YES! But the panelists had some surprising replies.


Panelist Mahyar Khosravi, director of industry solutions with Canvass Analytics, described the change as more evolution than transformation. “It’s not a dramatic change in culture,” he said. “Small efforts are key. We’re evolving machines to do things cheaper. We’re evolving people to make better decisions and do more skilled things.”

To hear more thoughts from Mahyar Khosravi and the other panelists, you can find the full article here.