Here’s how you can start benefiting from AI in just 60 days

Canvass’ no-code AI platform puts the power of AI in hands of industrial engineers so you can transform your business in just 60 days. Read the blog to find
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Here’s how you can start benefiting from AI in just 60 days

Even as the number of AI deployments gather pace across the industrials in different verticals, a myth that refuses to die down is that it takes years to benefit from AI deployments. 

Canvass' recent webinar, `Transform your operations with no-code AI in just 60 days', shatters this myth and provides a step-by-step guide on how you can build AI capabilities in your industrial operations and accelerate the time to deriving value from your data. 

Another myth associated with AI is that it demands a significant investment in teams of data scientists, consultants, or expensive toolkits to drive your AI efforts. One of the key factors that drive the fast time to value is by empowering the industrial engineers – the Subject Matter Experts– to take charge of their data. With Canvass' no-code AI platform, industrial engineers are transforming data into actionable insights without the need for coding or data science expertise. This means less reliance on third parties and creating the next generation of industrial digital engineers. 

With a high failure rate of 85%, it is imperative to have a deeper understanding of the issues that can potentially affect your AI rollout. The webinar explains the issues marring current market AI offerings and why they fail, and how you can circumvent these pitfalls to accelerate your journey. It also helps you identify opportunities across your industrial operations where AI can bring significant impact, whether it is processes, assets and equipment, and energy and sustainability. 

The webinar outlines milestones you can reach by Day 15, Day 30 and Day 60 so that your AI models are ready to be deployed, scaled and potentially automated by the end of the 60-days period. Lastly, it also shares success stories of businesses such as yours that have leveraged the power of Canvass' no-code AI to transform their businesses in a short period of time.

Register here to watch the on-demand webinar and find out how you can use the Canvass platform to start benefiting from AI in just 60 days!! 

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