Canvass Partners with Microsoft to Accelerate Industry 4.0 Adoption

Canvass Analytics, a provider of AI-enabled predictive analytics has announced a partnership with Microsoft Azure.
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May 02, 2018, TORONTO: Canvass Analytics, a provider of AI-enabled predictive analytics for the Industrial Internet of Things, announced today that it is working with Microsoft to make its predictive analytics software solution available on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, helping industrial companies to accelerate their Industry 4.0 strategies and achieve the benefits of the Internet of Things.

Canvass Analytics will work with Microsoft to bring together their expertise in delivering hyper-scale predictive analytics solutions to Industrial companies. By using Azure, industrial companies are able to quickly connect their devices and systems to the cloud and ingest the millions of operational data points from a plant’s connected machinery. The Canvass Analytics software applies industrial artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the entire data analysis process, creating predictive data models that continually adapt to data changes in real-time. Together, Canvass Analytics and Microsoft help operations teams to reveal hidden insights in their data that can result in maximizing asset up-time, optimizing maintenance planning, improving quality and continuously optimizing production processes.

Humera Malik, CEO of Canvass Analytics said:

“This collaboration brings together Microsoft and Canvass Analytics’ leadership in supporting industrial companies to achieve the benefits of Industry 4.0. By using Azure with Canvass Analytics’ AI-powered predictive analytics, our customers will transform their Industry 4.0 data strategies, enabling them to derive value out of the massive amounts of data in their factory floors and achieve real commercial benefits.”

Bharat Sandhu, Director of Product Marketing, Big Data and Analytics, Microsoft Corp. said:

Despite manufacturers having millions of data points being collected from their machines each day, the majority of data is still sitting idle. By integrating Microsoft Azure with Canvass Analytics, industrial companies can turn their attention to gaining value out of their data in the form of predictive insights and accelerating their Industry 4.0 strategies.”

Using Artificial Intelligence to power its predictive analytics software for the Industrial Internet of Things, Canvass Analytics is enabling Fortune 5000 companies to accelerate the return on investment of their IoT initiatives. Its customers, which span the automotive, food and agriculture, metals and mining, and energy industries, leverage Canvass Analytics’ software to derive predictive maintenance, predictive process optimization, and energy efficiency predictions.

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