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Canadian companies 'staying on top of' changes in automotive tech

January 18th - Angelica Haggert, CBC News

Canada is ready to bring more to the automotive table.

There's a plethora of automotive technology companies that specialize in data management, informations technology, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles — and they're not just based in traditional tech hubs like Silicon Valley.

Instead, they're based in Ottawa, Toronto, Waterloo — and all the cities in between. This week, they networked with auto manufacturers at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Canvass Analytics, based in Toronto, is a predictive analytics platform that helps artificial intelligence make better decisions. Their display was set up in the 'Canada Pavilion' on the exhibitor floor, just a level below the showroom floor. 

"We're promoting Canadian businesses," said sales representative Brendon Joseph. He said it was important to "aim high" when it came to connecting with the large automotive manufacturers.

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