Canvass Makes Network World's 10 Hot AI-Powered IoT Startups

Published on:
September 17, 2018

September 17 2018, TORONTO: Canvass Analytics, a provider of AI-enabled predictive analytics for the Industrial Companies, is pleased to it been named in the 10 Hot AI-Powered IoT Startups list that was recently featured in Network World.

“Canvass Analytics’ disruptive AI industrial analytics platform is enabling Fortune 500 industrial companies to transform the way that they run their operations. As a result, our customers are slashing costs, increasing production and improving quality within days versus months,” commented Humera Malik, CEO of Canvass Analytics.

Funded by Google Gradient Ventures, Canvass Analytics provides an automated AI-powered analytics platform that continuously identifies operational improvements 12 times faster than any other solution. Canvass Analytics helps companies become efficient and agile in automating industrial operations. Its customers include Fortune 500 industrial companies across the automotive, aerospace, energy, and food and agriculture industries.

In his assessment Jeff Vance explained why Canvass Analytics is a hot startup to watch:

"As an early stage startup, Canvass Analytics has locked down two rounds of seed funding to pursue early adopters. The leadership team gained relevant experience and has built its platform to continuously ingest massive volumes of data in real-time, which its AI platform uses to improve and then automate operational processes."

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