Press Release

Canvass Drives AI Adoption in Manufacturing with Platform Enhancements

Published on:
August 20, 2020

Toronto, August 20, 2020 Canvass Analytics Inc., a leader in industrial AI, has announced new enhancements to its AI platform that will help accelerate AI adoption in the manufacturing sector by empowering the workforce with digital skills to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), availability, performance, and quality.

Canvass’s vision is to break the barriers to deploying AI in manufacturing operations. According to a recent survey by the MAPI Foundation, 47% of respondents indicated their companies’ workforces lack the digital skills needed to implement AI solutions. Canvass empowers manufacturers to overcome this challenge by providing a no-code, machine learning-based platform that puts the benefits of AI in the hands of operators by simplifying the process of building, training, and scaling applied industrial AI in their day-to-day operations.

Key functionality, user experience, reliability, and performance enhancements to the Canvass AI platform will empower industrial engineers with:

· Enriched data visualization: interactive visual data journey that simplifies how industrial engineers contextualize data, identify trends and outliers, explore feature importance and relationships

· AI Model building and training guidance: prompts and feature selection validations to help guide engineers through the AI model selection, comparison, training, and evaluation process

· Advanced model training options: allow users to select specific models to train, accelerating the model evaluation process

· Faster time to deployment: platform performance enhancements have drastically cut the time to upload data sets and train models.

“Adoption of AI in manufacturing has stalled because tools have typically been designed for developers and data scientists, leaving the domain experts on the sidelines. At Canvass, we're addressing this challenge by making AI accessible and easy for industrial engineers to participate in each part of the AI journey. From a single interface, Canvass empowers industrial engineers to gather and curate data, build and train models, and deploy and scale AI solutions across their operations. Industrial engineers have unparalleled knowledge about their operational problems within their organizations and bringing AI within their reach empowers the entire workforce to amplify their impact and advance their digital maturity,” commented Dudon Wai, Product Manager at Canvass Analytics.  

Developed as an applied Industrial-AI platform, Canvass AI empowers industrial engineers to improve OEE by equipping them with pre-coded AI applications that address industrial manufacturing’s most common use cases, such as anomaly detection, asset and process optimization, defect part detection, asset failure prediction, forecasting, and to model what-if scenarios.

Some of the world’s largest industrial process manufacturers in the Food and Beverage, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, and Metals and Mining industries are achieving the benefits of AI in their day-to-day operations. For example, one of the world’s largest producers of geothermal energy, and user of the Canvass AI platform, is saving $100,000s each year by optimizing asset utilization, reducing unplanned downtime, and preventing energy loss. Likewise, a leading global Food and Beverage manufacturer is utilizing Canvass AI to automate the optimization of its co-generation assets, which is resulting in cutting energy costs by $100,000s per year due to lower natural gas consumption and reducing the plant’s greenhouse gas emissions.