Press Release

Canvass AI Launches Sustainability Survey to Benchmark Industrial Sector’s Progress Towards Net-Zero

Published on:
May 4, 2021

TORONTO,Ont. – [May 4, 2021] – Canvass Analytics Inc. ("Canvass AI"), a global leader in AI for the industrial sector, today announced the launch of a survey, Sustainability in Industrial Operations, to better understand the state of sustainability efforts in the industrial sector. The survey is currently open and can be accessed via

According to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the industrial sector alone accounts for about 25% of total process and energy-related CO2 emissions. With increasing pressure to meet net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, industrial companies are being called on to increase their targets and meet them within a shorter timeframe. Canvass’s core mission is to transform the way companies use data to have a global impact on productivity, sustainability, and improving human livelihood. The Sustainability in Industrial Operations survey seeks to benchmark where the industrial sector is on their journey to net-zero, understand the challenges, and identify the opportunities where they can accelerate their net-zero ambitions.

"The next decade is critical to taking action on climate change and reaching targets by 2050. By putting a stake in the ground of where the industry is in 2021, we can then identify areas where industrial companies can drive impact today, scale their sustainability efforts across their organizations, and reach their targets well in advance of 2050," says Humera Malik, CEO at Canvass AI. 

 The survey is currently open for submissions and closes on June 10. Take the survey via