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Chemical Industry AI

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Rising material and energy costs, inconsistencies in product quality, and loss of experiential knowledge continue to challenge the chemical industry.  Starting to combat these challenges, production facilities will increasing their data generation by 4x over the next 5 years.  Yet with all of this data…  

Why do manufacturing plants use less than 12% of their industrial data to aid decision making?  

The volume, velocity and variety of data generated simply overwhelms toolkit-based analytics systems’ ability to go beyond data collection and deliver actionable insights.

Chemical Industry Challenges that AI can Help You Overcome:

Of Lost Production Due to Downtime
The Cost of 3.65 Days of Unplanned Downtime
of Global Energy is Consumed by the Chemical Industry

Transform Data into Actionable Solutions

The Canvass AI platform helps chemical manufacturers identify operational bottlenecks and inefficiencies before production is impacted, so you can proactively:

- Prevent Unplanned Downtime
- Increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
- Improve Product Quality
- Optimize Production to Increase Yield
- Reduce CO2 Emissions
- Reduce Costs

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Driving Net-Zero

Around the globe, the world’s largest industrial companies are implementing Canvass AI to improve key business metrics, such as energy costs, production yield, and greenhouse gas emissions, 12x faster than other platforms in the market - without the need for data science expertise or expensive and lengthy consulting projects.

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