AI for the Automotive Industry

Making Automotive Manufacturing Smarter & More Efficient

AI for the Automotive Industry

Helping engineers leverage data and create immediate impact

The automotive industry is a highly competitive and regulated industry that requires plants to continually increase efficiency, improve quality-control, and reduce waste. Industry 4.0 manufacturers have been producing millions of lines of data for years. Yet with all of this data…

Why do manufacturing plants use less than 12% of their industrial data to aid decision making?  

The volume, velocity and variety of data generated simply overwhelms a toolkit-based analytics systems’ ability to go beyond data collection and deliver actionable insights.

With AI, You Can:

Reduce manual quality inspections by predicting part defects.
Reduce downtime with predictive maintenance and prescriptive failures prediction.
Reduce welding failures and
improve quality.

Transform Data into Solutions

The Canvass AI platform helps automotive OEMs and part manufacturers incorporate AI innovation and insights to accelerate and reshape the industry by improving productivity and operational efficiencies, in order to:

- Reduce part inconsistencies and defects
- Increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
- Reduce CO2 Emissions
- Optimize the Production Line to Increase Output
- Reduce Production Costs

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Driving Net-Zero

Around the globe, the world’s largest industrial companies are implementing Canvass AI to improve key business metrics, such as energy costs, production yield, and greenhouse gas emissions, 12x faster than other platforms in the market - without the need for data science expertise or expensive and lengthy consulting projects.

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