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Canvass AI Data Diagnosis Program

Are you looking to apply AI in your operations but don’t know where to start?

Knowing if you have enough of the right data is a critical first step to AI success. In fact, Gartner has estimated that by 2022, 85 percent of AI projects will fail due to data-related issues.

Get started on the right foot by taking Canvass’s Data Diagnosis to see if you are AI-ready.

Canvass's Data Diagnosis Program assesses your data's AI-readiness so that you can start extracting
value from it immediately.

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Identify and define your Machine Learning
Use Case
e.g. optimize turbine energy input to reduce costs
Evaluate your data for
Machine Learning suitability 
i.e. do you have the enough of the right data
Technology Assessment and
Gap Analysis
Identify any technology gaps required to scale AI
Implementation Roadmap
Next steps and action plan

Why spend months, when our team of AI and data experts can diagnose your data and deliver your AI roadmap in as little as 3 weeks.

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your AI Strategy, 
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