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Canvass AI Data Diagnosis Program

Are you generating lots of data on the operations floor but finding it slow, hard and expensive  
to generate any value from it?
If so - it’s time to diagnose your data and get it AI-ready!

Canvass's Data Diagnosis Program provides an analysis of your operational data to diagnose how to get your data ready for AI and start extracting value from it.

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Following the Canvass Data Diagnosis, Canvass’s team of experts can help you execute your roadmap
by training your engineers to utilize your data with Canvass AI. 
Understanding your
business goals
Reviewing your data for
Machine Learning suitability 
Determining the data requirements to support the business objective
pre-processing, normalizing and visualization 
Identification of trends and patterns
(pre-AI and modeling)

Fortune 5000 customers have reduced their time to value by at least 90% by using Canvass AI

3 Steps to Qualification

Determine if your organization is ready to transition from situational awareness to using data to predict and control your operational outcomes
We have a problem worth solving

If we could forecast X then we could optimize/increase Y.

We have the data to solve the problem

We have the data available related to the problem
- either in PI or other OT systems.

We need to solve it now

We have an urgency to solve the problem in the near future. 

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